Colgate brings reasons to smile to millions of customers. From toothpastes, toothbrushes, to oral care products they have been caring for smiles generation after generation. Their product line up includes cleaners (Fabuloso) and Fabric Softeners (Suavitel) that provide clothes with an irresistible fragrance and incredible softness.

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Here is a selection of some Colgate products that we distribute.


Fabuloso Fresca Lavanda 1.8 L

Fabuloso Fresca Lavanda 5L

Fabuloso Fresca Lavanda 10 L

Fabric Softener

Suavitel Fresca Primavera 850ml

Suavitel Fresca Primavera 3 L

Suavitel Adiós Planchado Primavera 800ml


Triple Acción 75 ml

Salud Visible 75 ml

Maxima Proteccion Anticaries 75 ml


Shampoo Mennen Con Acondicionador 700 ml

Shampoo Mennen Zero% 400 ml

Shampoo Mennen Familiar Clásico 700ml

Dish Detergent

Lavatrastes en Pasta Axion Lima Limón 425 g

Axion Lavatrastes Liquido Limon 280 ml

Lavatrastes en Pasta Axion Limón 425 g