Clorox, the bleach you've known and trusted for generations with the power to clean, whiten, and deodorize. Clorox products make stain removal easier, keep a healthy home and whites at their whitest.

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Here is a selection of some Clorox products that we distribute.


Clorox concentrated 500 ml (16oz)

Clorox concentrated 1890 ml (60.97oz)

Clorox concentrated 3.8 lts (1 galon)

Intensive Whites

Clorox Intensive Whit 930 ml (31.45oz)

Clorox Intensive Whit 1.89 Lts (60.87oz)

Clorox Dark

Clorox Dark Colors 500 ml (16oz)

Clorox Dark Colors 930 ml (30.45oz)

Clorox Dark Colors 189Lts ml (60.87 oz)

Clorox Power Gel

Clorox Power Gel 500 ml (16 oz)

Clorox Power Gel 930 ml (30.45 oz)

Clorox Power Gel Magía Flloral 500 ml (16 oz)